Tips On Finding The Best Science Medical Journals Online

033Let’s face it, there are a lot of important health issues pertaining to women, and some of the best places to get good advice is through science medical journals.  There are the daytime TV shows with their gurus, but most of them are pushing products that they have some interest in, as an affiliate, so their opinions are skewed to help their sales.  They are just now starting to get exposed for the charlatans that they are.  A real health journal should have scientifically proven advice.  Let’s examine a few tips to help you find the best journals to read.

They Shouldn’t Be Selling Pills, Programs, Or Books In Their Articles

Everyone is an affiliate marketer these days, they write a story about a certain weight loss herb, then put a link in the article for you to click on and buy.  That doesn’t say much about their objectivity does it?  If you see clickable links in the article, you can hover your mouse over the link and see where it’s going, it it’s an affiliate link you’ll know, and those are the kinds of fake articles you’ll want to avoid.  In fact, there really shouldn’t be any links to products in a quality scientific journal at all.

Any Studies Should Be Backed By Scientific Methods  

images (1)When articles in real science medical journals refer to clinical studies or scientific research, it should always be a double blind study where the researchers don’t know which of the recipients are receiving placebos and which are getting the real medicine, until after the study is finished.  Additionally, all the procedures and results should be duplicatable by other scientists that follow the exact same methods.  Too much of the modern day heath and nutrition “science” is faked or anecdotal evidence, and can’t be duplicated at all.

Set Up A Google Alert On Topics That Interest You

Once you have found a particular topic that you are keenly interested in, you can set up a Google Alert which will deliver straight to your email address the latest information on nearly any subject. Any new papers that are released in the medical community will automatically get a link sent directly to your email for you to examine. Of course, you’ll still want to maintain your criteria of only believing those published reports that have been peer reviewed by other researchers and follow scientific methods.

You Can Find Top Quality Science Medical Journals Online By Searching

clipThe best way to locate the highest quality medical information online is to do a search for “evidence based practice for public health”, there you can find journals that follow the scientific methods with peer reviewed articles that you can depend on to not have affiliate sales links spread throughout their content.
It’s the only way you can tell if the information you are reading is real or has been faked in order to make supplement or vitamin sales for some large company.

It is possible to find quality information online about health and nutrition, but you have to be picky about the methods they use to gather their data.  By sticking with the top rated journals you’ll be safe knowing that they aren’t writing fake articles in order to make a bundle on pill sales.